Mayor Breed is working every day to clean the City’s streets—not simply to sweep up garbage or dirty needles or to stop illegal dumping, but to change a culture, to redefine our public spaces.  She is undoing San Francisco’s reputation for dirty, dangerous streets.  She is combatting the sense that it is normal or okay for us to have dodge human excrement in the streets or walk our kids to school passed broken glass and needle caps.  “Whoever you are, wherever you are,” the Mayor says, “you should always feel safe in San Francisco: safe to park your car and know it will be in one piece when you return; safe enjoying our parks or walking the streets of our neighborhoods.”

Mayor Breed takes part in the
citywide “Love Our City” cleanup 

Mayor Breed takes one of many unannounced tours of City streets, this time in SOMA, emphasizing the cleanup and public health work to be done

Our Mayor has: