Mayor Breed is wholeheartedly pro-housing.  As she says, “We need to create more homes for all San Franciscans: families, teachers, police officers, nurses, students, the elderly, and the homeless.”  And she is a lifelong tenant in a rent-controlled apartment who knows we must preserve our most critical affordable housing stock — rent controlled units.  Mayor Breed has seen too many of her friends and family pushed out of San Francisco by rising rents or unavailable homes.  She pledged to build An Affordable City for ALL of Usby protecting tenants and rent-controlled housing, investing in affordable housing, building more housing including modular homes, and reforming the City’s byzantine approval processes.  She is following through on this pledge.

Mayor Breed and Speaker Nancy Pelosi celebrate the newly renovated Sala Burton Manorin the Tenderloin, providing 89 units of supportive housing for seniors and disabled people.  The project was made possible by the Rental Assistance Demonstration program, which Mayor Breed championed as Supervisor. 

Mayor Breed celebrates the rehabilitation of 990 Pacific Avenue in Chinatown, providing 92 apartmentsfor seniors and disabled people.  This is another project made possible by the Rental Assistance Demonstration programwhich she championed.

Our Mayor has: